• The Flying Bedroom, Little Light Dance & Digital Theatre January 2017

Little Light asked me to design and make costumes / props for this brilliant children's show, based on the book by Heather Dyer.

Once asleep, Elinor’s bedroom flies to several locations, including an island, where she meets a fun and quirky island girl, followed by an encounter with a pirate, before the bedroom turns into a submarine and Elinor helps a diver, and then up into space to bounce around with an astronaut.

The two dancers interacted with a projection screen which was the set for the performance, and an original soundtrack added to the drama and fun.

I had lots of fun making the costumes for the characters! Most of the props were sourced.

Elinor stayed in her elegant and simple cotton night frock for the whole time, which was a joy to make, especially stencil painting lace detail. The second performer had the pleasure of 5 costume changes!

For the island girl i played around with an alternative use of grass skirt, painting the ends with bright colours and giving her torn tropical print dress shoulder details. and on the back of the waist.

The pirate wore strips on strips on stips, in the form of pantaloons, waistcoat and top. I made a pirates utility belt, as she had quite the number of props! 

The astronaut's jacket was honeycomb shaped fabric, which i padded at the neck, cuffs and bottom seem, accompanied by hand crafted glowing helmets, and space hoppers! 

For the diver I fashioned a black jumpsuit as a diving suit, and sourced glow in the dark yellow fins and snorkels, which worked brilliantly with the stage lighting and slow motion dance movement.

  • Hansa Costume, Barnas Kulturhus | May 2016

Commissioned by Barnas Kulturhus for a large scale Hanseatic performance in Bergen. I designed and made the outfit based on the age and work of the character: he wore a cotton shirt, long woollen waist coat, woollen period breeches, leather belt, knitted socks and a workers cap.


  • Påsken, Gabrielle Barth | March 2016

This Norwegian theatre company of 3 put on a performance of the easter story...which has more than 3 characters in it! I was asked to create 3 of-the-time base costumes, and easy on-off costumes which could be worn over the base costumes for smaller roles. 


Gwymon, Vertical Dance Kate Lawrence | January 2016

© Peter Dareth Evans

Gwymon (meaning seaweed in english) is one of V.D.K.L's longest running performances, and this year they performed it at the British Dance Edition. And so they were in need of brand spanking new costumes! The base costume is a jumpsuit decorated with couture seaweed, and a diamond hole for harness access. There is also a 4 metre tail of silk-satin, which the dancers unravel towards the climax of the piece, when the wall running picks up speed, and the tails dance in the air around performers, like seaweed being tossed about in a storm.


Disglair, Pontio & Pirates of the Caribina | November 2015



Pontio worked with Pirates of the Carabina and two primary schools to create a promenade performance for the soft launch of the new theatre space in Bangor.

I was asked to design and make costumes for the 34 children involved in Disglair (meaning bright and shinning in english). There was to be an etherial feel to the show, as if stepping into a fairy forest. The girls were dressed in white coats of various textures, symbolising light. The boys were in earthy tones, mixed and matched on collars and the armour-esque bodies. Hood and masks added a level of mystery to their characters and movement.

Victorian Time Travellers, Kate Lawrence Vertical Dance | September 2015

Victorian Time Travellers was performed as part of LLAWN 03, a performance art festival based in the Victorian seaside town Llandudno.

The performers were found on top of Venue Cymru, from where they began their descent to the ground, to push through the crowd, and reach their destination, the ocean!

I made two Victorian chemises for when the performers stripped down ready for their swim. Both chemises have  room for a harness underneath, and a hole on the stomach for the front pick-up to attach to the rope.

Tale of the Tides, Ori Dance | August 2015

Ori Dance is a collective of four international performers sharing their mutual love for dance, theater, music and the Brazilian martial art form Capoeira. Tale of the Tides was their first show, embracing Brazilian culture and the theme of the ocean.

I have worked within dance for many years, and as the costume designer for Ori Dance i did not want to see them in a vest top and linen trousers, as is so common in dance productions for practicability. Tale of he Tides is so much more. On stage were four, strong female performers, moving between fierce capoeira, soft folk dance, contact improvisation, and singing from the heart. Their costumes were to add to their strength and vulnerability of movement, and not to hinder in any way.

I made four wrap-around full-circle skirts, using Brazilian and the oceanic colours. Under the skirts the women wore a base of white trousers and top, individual and unique to their body shape and needs. Between using the skirt / taking it off / putting it on was part of the performance, they were used as part of the atmosphere the company created: as waves, as air, and as a symbol of a woman.

©  Adam Holloway


Christmas Circus Elf, Madam Mango | September 2015

A custom made elf costume for circus performer Madam Mango. Not only does it include shoes, skirt, jacket and hat, but elf underwear in the form of a red velour 

playsuit! It was a necessity within the costume, as part of her act is manipulating hulahoops, which can be very tricky in a multi layered skirt!

Christmas Elf | November 2014

© Marit Espeland

Angel on Stilts | November 2014

© Marit Espeland

In My Shoes, Rationale Productions | October 2013

Stage Dress, Sarah Mac | December 2011